2016 Projects

At the AGM in March, there were several suggestions for projects and improvements we can work on in 2016. At its April meeting, the committee agreed to pursue these targets:-

  1. Number your plot. Each member/tenant is encouraged to put a sign on the plot to show its number. This will make it a lot easier to direct manure deliveries. It will also help remind us of our plot numbers when it is time to pay rent next January.
  2. Carpet removal In the past many tenants have placed old carpets on plots to smother weeds. This works well for a short time but can lead to serious problems in the long term. Carpet that has been left too long is very heavy and difficult to move. Some carpet contains many toxins in the dyes, which may harm the soil. Therefore any members with carpets on plots are urged to start the process of removing them. We realise that this will have to be a gradual process and it may take several years for all carpet to removed from our allotments. If the carpets are large and heavy, it is best to use a sharp knife to cut it into strips, bag it and take it to the Council tip. Small quantities can be placed in your home general bin (not recycling).
  3. Increased security at Margaret Road. We experienced some crime at Margaret Road allotments in 2015 and have agreed to improved the fences and gates there.
  4. Newsletters moved to WordPress. This has already occurred. Members can now follow and subscribe to our news page and make comments, improving our communication between members and the committee.

April 2016 -allotment news

The growing season is just starting and allotment gardeners are getting busy. This year we have had some April showers unlike recent previous years, so fingers are crossed.

Waiting Lists – In Kettering we are lucky that our waiting lists are short. Windmill Avenue and Northfield Avenue fields both have slow-moving lists and you may have to wait for a long time before you get a plot. Margaret Road and Scott Road both have a few vacant plots right now and no waiting list, so you can get a plot straight away. If you know anyone who wants an allotment please ask them to contact us.

Scott Road – thousand-litre IBC water tanks available for just £25. Contact Pat Mullins if you want one. 07967 516625 or  pat.mullins.coresafety@gmail.com

New rules and Constitution  – these were approved by our AGM last month and are published on our website – www.ketteringallotments.co.uk   . We shall also be printing hard copies top distribute to members shortly.

Contact details – If you change email address, phone number, mobile or move house, please let us know so our records are up to date.