Allotment News November 2016

Remember, remember …

Although we discourage bonfires and promote composting all garden waste on our plots or using the municipal green waste recycling bins…

If you wish to have a bonfire, November 5th is probably the best chance you will get. We are less likely to get complaints on that day. This year the 5th is a Saturday. If you are planning a fire, keep your tinder dry to avoid smoke nuisance and take every precaution to stay safe. Only dry woody garden waste may be burned (no carpets, plastics, domestic waste or other toxic material allowed). Burning toxic waste may lead to your prosecution by the authorities and disciplinary action by the committee.

Please number your plot

We are encouraging our members to number their plots. Knowing our plot numbers really helps when contacting the committee, for example when paying our annual rent  (due in January 2017). Please include your plot number with any enquiry or payment, so we know who you are.

2017 Rent – no increase from 2016

We are pleased to announce that the rents will be the same next year. There will be no increase. Good news for all of us.

Please measure and prune any miniature fruit trees on your plot

One of our rules (number 36) states that no trees are permitted on our allotments other than miniature fruit trees. The maximum height of such fruit trees is 8 feet high. If your tree is higher than this you should prune it now (suggested height 6-7 feet so that it remains below 8 feet for the year ahead).

Any other trees (non-fruit) should be removed. Please contact your field steward if you have any queries about this or need specialist help. We can recommend a tree surgeon for larger trees. Always carry out a risk assessment if tree felling, see our Health and Safety Policy guidelines for more details and do not hesitate to contact your field steward for advice.

Improving Security at Margaret Road

The Society has now taken delivery of metal Heras panels to reinforce the fence at Margaret Road. Volunteers are requested to help fit these panels securely. Please contact the Margaret Road field stewards if you are able to volunteer, or email the secretary who will pass your offer on.

Our Centenary Approaches

Did you know that Kettering Allotments Society was first registered in April 1917? Back then we were known as Kettering Allotments Limited and registered as an Industrial Friendly Provident Society. Government legislation has changed these terms, but our Society has continued since then. We know that there were allotments in Kettering and a Society before 1917 as our prestigious annual cup was won by Tom Bridgstock before the First World War. if anyone has any more information on Kettering Allotments in the past, please contact us.  

If you have an idea of how we can mark our centenary, please let us know.

Easy weeding at a reasonable price

Some members have started using black membrane plastic to cover their plots in winter to keep the weeds down. It is important to use a thick heavy grade. Some thin materials are sold in shops will get shredded by the wind and are almost see-through, so weeds just keep growing.  You need at least 100 gsm thickness (grams per square metre).  See this link on Amazon for  one supplier The photo below shows an experiment to compare black fabric mulch with straw on top of cardboard.


Meet the committee

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular feature to enable you to know more about your committee members.

Russell Attwood – committee secretary and field steward for Scott Road


  • favourite vegetable – pumpkin
  • favourite tools – scythe and hoe
  • enjoys mulching, weeding and singing pumpkin songs


Allotment News October 2016

An evening of entertainment

On Wednesday 26th October at 7pm at Kettering library you can experience an exhilarating evening’s entertainment. Russell Attwood will be performing his celebrated presentation on pumpkins and other amazing vegetables. Tickets only cost £5 and all proceeds go to a very good cause – the library projects to encourage children to read.

Comments from those who have seen Russell’s show in the past:

  • “an unexpected pleasure”
  • “a show like no other”

Learn how to carve your pumpkins like this..


More complaints about bonfires

We have had more complaints about bonfires – both at Margaret Road and Northfield Avenue fields. If you have a bonfire that produces smoke nuisance you will be subject to our disciplinary policy and may be prosecuted by the Environment Agency. See our previous advice in the September newsletter and avoid bonfires. For more detail, see our website advice on bonfires

2017 Seed potato catalogue from London Road shop in Kettering

Click on the links below for a pdf of the list and catalogue from this shop:-



Moved house or changed phone number?

Please keep us informed of your contact details. If we do not have up-to-date details we cannot contact you with important information, for example, the rent reminders for 2017.

Do you use Biochar?

Some of our members have been trying Biochar. This is an interesting idea using charcoal to improve the soil that was used many years ago in the Amazon rainforest. If you have used biochar please let us know your experiences. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of a pumpkin patch on a Scott Road plot.