Allotment news December 2016

2017 Rents due on 1st January

Our annual rents are due next month. Reminders will be sent later in December. If you have email, the reminders will be sent that way to save postage costs. The good news is that the rent for 2017 is the same as this year – no increase. Another piece of good news is that we now accept payment by online banking. The details of how to pay can be found on our website on the following link

No bank account? – you can pay by cash at HSBC Kettering branch.

You will need our sort code and account number and you must include a reference on the payment slip at the branch or we will not be able to link your payment to your plot.

Our SORT code is 40-26-07 (HSBC Kettering) and our account number is 2049 8254

You must include a reference of your surname,field (first letter) and plot number.

e.g. for John Pumpkin of Plot 1 on Scott Road field, the reference is PumpkinS1

Contact details form and tenancy agreement renewal 2017

A new contact details form must be completed and sent to the treasurer with your rent.

  • If you pay by cheque, then complete the form and post together with the cheque.

  • If you pay online or by cash at HSBC, complete a form and either post it to the treasurer or email the form

  • If you don’t have a printer, you can write the required details on a piece of paper, sign and post it to the treasurer.

  • By paying rent you agree to follow our rules and constitution.

Moved? Changed email?

If your contact details have changed, please let us know. We need up to date details to be able to send you the rent reminders and forms.