February 2017 Allotment News

Busy for some…

February is a quiet month for gardening. Winter weather means we can only snatch brief opportunities to prepare for the growing season and plan. Our committee members and field stewards are still busy though. Our treasurer has been collecting the annual rent and then we have to update our records for each plot. Some members have given up their plots without telling us and we only find out when they fail to pay rent. If you have not paid rent by now, and still want it contact us urgently to ensure that it is not re-let to someone on the waiting list.

The now-vacant plots often need to be re-let to people on the waiting list, so stewards are busy contacting those waiting with the good news. Then there is the viewing and paperwork to complete.

Other jobs for the winter

Any time of year is good for mulching paths and removing carpet. With less growing and cultivating to do it is a good time of year to carry out such jobs and clear up untidy corners. Carpet removal from allotments is one of our targets for the year, so please continue with this process at every opportunity.

Seedy Saturday

An interesting event in Northampton town centre on Saturday 11th February. See the poster below. You can swap or buy seeds and exchange ideas. Our secretary, Russell Attwood is giving a talk on soil at this event.



Annual General Meeting – our 99th!

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Thursday 9th March at 7:45pm at the Corn Market Hall. More details to follow in our March newsletter.

The AGM is your opportunity as members to meet the committee and find out about developments in the society. You are welcome to ask questions and make suggestions as well as the formalities of examining the annual accounts, voting for committee members and officers (treasurer and secretary).

Nearly a century old!

The society will be 100 years old this year. We were first registered in April 1917. We know that there were allotments in Kettering before 1917, but we were registered as a Society then. The committee is considering ways to commemorate our centenary in a suitable way. If you have any suggestions please contact us.


2 thoughts on “February 2017 Allotment News

  1. Hi

    I have recently planted apple cordons,cider varieties shipped from Devon. Although these will take a few years before they are useful I am interested in getting a cider press. I love the idea of a community press and cider day in the autumn for anyone with apples to get together and press or sell share apples etc. I also make wine from veg, fruit, hedgerows and wondered about the idea of sharing gluts for this purpose and if anyone else is interested in this sharing ideas etc. It could be fun .


  2. Went down Marget road to my allotment and someone has been in my shed and green house and taken two lots of 24 peas that I had planted not happy. It’s hard work and any money that I have goes on seeds and to maintain my plot. So I’m building a fench round my plot more money and time hopefully that will stop it. I really enjoy going there and it make me mad all the hard work that I and family have done down there.


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