August 2017 Allotment News

A course for allotment beginners for only £20

A course for allotment beginners provided by the National Allotment Society at Barnsdale Gardens, (near Oakham) on 20 August

Email to book

Click on the link below for more details

Starting your allotment course from NSALG on 20 August


An informative tour

The committee enjoyed a tour of Margaret Road and Windmill Avenue on 18th July. We were all impressed by the good work being done at both fields. As usual we all learned something and got good ideas to try out on our own plots.

Bad news- our grant application was unsuccesful

We applied to KBC for a grant towards the cost of installing fencing at Northfield Avenue. Unfortunately our application was successful. Here is the message from KBC:

Thank you for your application for a Community Fund grant. Unfortunately on this occasion your request has been unsuccessful. The fund was heavily oversubscribed this year. All applications to the Borough Council’s Schemes are evaluated by a Head of Service whose decision is final.”

Need help on your plot?

Two young men have offered to help our allotment members this summer holiday. They are off to college in September and can clear weeds, dig or do other allotment work for a reasonable fee. Contact Taylor on

or his cousin Mason on 07986 871 959


A good time to sow green manure

August is a great month for sowing green manure. As space becomes available, for example when potatoes are dug out or onions harvested, sow green manure seeds and they will germinate really quickly. This is better than allowing the soil to be bare as it will quickly become covered in weeds. Green manure can be bought very cheaply if you go to the pet-food store and buy wheat or barley, or dried peas sold in supermarkets for soup, or try coriander or mustard seeds from the herbs and spices shelf of a local asian food shop. All of these will grow and are much cheaper than any packets of seeds from a garden shop or catalogue.

Growing Brassicas without digging or weeding?

see our latest blog page!


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