October 2017 Allotment News

Unwelcome intruders deterred

Quick-thinking members on Scott Road were able to deter unwelcome intruders recently. The intruders had already damaged some plots and were continuing when they were spotted by one of our members. The intruders retreated and full descriptions passed on to the Police. Other members were quickly alerted and maintain a high state of vigilance. Many thanks to all concerned.

Please report all crimes to Police

Please dial 101 to report any crimes. Please report any crimes and get an incident number. If the Police are slow to answer the phone, consider online reporting, email or Crimestoppers. on 0800 555 111.

Please inform your field steward of any incidents or crime as well or contact us to keep us informed.

Margaret Road gate

We continue to get complaints about noise from the Margaret Road gate. Our committee members and field stewards have made great efforts to reduce this noise and ask your continued cooperation. A further request is for Margaret Road members use the far gate next to the Green Patch, so that our neighbours are not disturbed. Also, please make sure that car radios are off and all possible efforts are made to use the gate quietly.

Fully let with waiting lists

Our fields are fully let and we have waiting lists. If you are finding your allotment too much to maintain, please consider giving up some or all of it. That way we can offer a plot to those waiting.

Mains Water Off until April

Our mains water is turned off at the meter at the end of September. This reduces our water bills and gives added protection to the plumbing during the cold winter months. Now is a great time to install a rainwater collection tank or barrel. Rain is free and does not contain chlorine or other artificial ingredients. A shed on an average plot in an average winter can collect a thousand litres of free rain that may be needed in dry weather next year. Why not consider ebay to buy a water barrel?

News from the National Allotments Society

The latest news from the National Allotment Society is below. Kettering Allotments Society pays subscription to NAS, so we are all members of this important organisation.