Easiest way to grow crops

This method is really easy. First the 100gsm weed control fabric is put on the ground and secured. Heavy objects, like bricks or bags of weeds will help keep the fabric secure, or pegs and wires. No need to dig the soil or remove weeds. The weeds will die because the fabric smothers them and keeps out the light. Ideally put the fabric down in autumn or winter ready for the following season, but it can be done a short while before planting.

Use a knife or scissors to cut small holes in the fabric, use a trowel or similar to make  a small hole for your plant and firm it in. Bring the fabric back as close to the plant as possible. The plant may need watering if the weather is dry and a bit of manure, chicken manure pellets or fertiliser in the hole to feed it. Alternatively use liquid fertiliser to water it in.

No digging, no weeding, no raking, no hoeing. The easiest way to grow.

These photos show some strawberries, tomatoes and brussels growing this way. The brussels will need netting to protect them from pigeons etc, hence the wire frame nearby.